This CRM for Mac software works seamlessly with other Apple applications. It can import information that already exists in iCal and Address Book or export to iCal. Sending emails through Mail just takes one button click. Daylite for Mac also works with other email clients: Entourage, PowerMail, Mailsmith and MailDrop.

While Daylite is an on-premise solution, there is a Daylite Touch app available for iPhone and iPad users that allows you to access information in the contact management application from any location. With proper server configuration, multiple users can access certain info, so delegating tasks and setting up meetings is a snap. And you'll never miss a meeting or phone call thanks to programmable notifications and reminders. You are only limited to how many contacts, projects or tasks you need to save by the server space you host your data on.

Daylite has impressive linking capabilities that let you connect individual clients to specific projects, events or each other. This also means you can create employee profiles and link them to clients and projects, and track their interactions and progress.

This CRM interface is very clean and easy to navigate. The task bars are located on the left side of the view window and expand to show additional activities. Daylite doesn't stop at just a few contact management tools. It includes features such as report generators, sales objectives and lead generation. With this Mac CRM, you don't have to worry about toggling between customer relations, sales and task management software, because it is all handled right within this single application. And since it supports multiple users, everyone can connect to the same information when it's needed.

While there are a few support options available, Daylite CRM for Mac charges for support via telephone. Other options are available, such as an online email form, FAQs, a manual, tutorials and message boards. Daylite has an online chat feature available, but each time we attempted to use it, we were given an error message.

Daylite Summary:

This CRM software has included good CRM functions and additional business tools for sales and marketing. Though Daylite has some notable drawbacks, it remains an excellent piece of contact management Mac software for businesses.

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Daylite includes business-oriented features that are useful for more than just contact organization.

Telephone support isn't free.

The Verdict:

This Mac CRM software is an application that is good for small business owners who manage multiple employees.